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Design and installation

Design and installation

We offer a unique pick and mix range of acoustic treatment services, right from assessment and design to supply and installation which can be tailored to meet your needs. Our partnerships with some of the world's largest acoustic treatment manufacturers means we can provide  design and installation services to meet any requirement you have.  Using state of the art equipment we can quickly assess the acoustics in any workplace and recommend solutions to deal with any observed issues. Our services and products can be retro fitted to existing builds with exceptionally great results.

 Talk to us today about your requirements or read on to learn more about our modular selection of services.

1- Site surveys and acoustic assessments

Using state of the art equipment we are able to visit your site and carry out acoustic measurements for sound transmission, speech intelligibility and reverberation times. These parameters are important for determining the state of acoustics in your workplace and is an essential step in ensuring the products we provide will deal with the issues you may be facing. Our key objective at this stage is to understand what your space is doing to the sound you hear and will involve test taken around the the space.

2- Design or supply

We will supply products from our range or use our strong partnership arrangements with the worlds most trusted brands to provide any specific brand you may be interest in. Where products are not available off the shelf we are able to design and deliver customised solutions to fit your exact requirements.

3- Recommendations & Placement diagrams

If you prefer to purchase your own products we can provide you recommendations on products as well as detailed placement diagrams so that you can fit them yourself.

4- Installation

Our team of dedicated installers are skilled at installing acoustic treatment solutions in any location complete with our public liabilities cover you can be sure your job is being handled by experts. Usually a site assessment will determine what  installation equipment is requirement and access restrictions as well as other considerations. We always recommend customers take advantage of our site surveys which is completely free of charge if you select a full service from us.

Have a project in mind? Contact us and let our dedicated team of experts help you deal with it.

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