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Pro-coustix Pro-coustix Diffuserflex Lite Diffuser Panel Beech

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Pro-coustix Diffuserflex Lite are our high end designer acoustic treatment solution for anyone looking for acoustic panels that are functional classy and look great on your walls. These panels are designed with a distributed slot pattern that optimises the diffusion of sound waves as they pass  through the slots on the panel.

The panels are made from  real wood veneer which has been lacquered to protect the natural look of the panels once installed.

Each panel has a 1mm foam backed Camira acoustically transparent fabric which provides a smart finish to these panels without impeding sound waves as they travel through the slots.

Diffuserflex Lite diffuser panels are  designed to be mounted offset from your studio walls.  Greatly increasing the diffusion effect as the sound is diffused both on entry and as it rebounds off the wall back into the room. The offsetting of the panels means that acoustic foam or any other absorption can be introduced between the wall and the panel should any absorption required.

This double diffusion effect results in rooms that are more spacious improving acoustics without reducing the overall sound energy in the room which would be the case if sound absorbers were used.

Diffuserflex Lite come with their own stainless steel offset bolts which will enable you to mount them on walls and ceilings using appropriate rawl plugs and screws.

Diffuserflex Lite diffuser panels are best used in clusters of 4 in conjunction with other acoustic treatment products including bass traps and acoustic absorbers.

Placement: Diffusers can be placed anywhere to instantly deal with early reflections. 

Should the resulting acoustic sound to spacious then absorption can be introduced been the wall behind the panel.

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