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Diffuserflex Professional Premium Diffuser Panel Cherry

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Diffuserflex Premium Diffusion Panels
These premium diffuser panels are purpose designed to treat mid and high frequencies in rooms without leaving your room sounding dead.
Our unique combination of CNC cut slot sizes and materials enable these panels to exhibit both diffusion and absorption properties, broadening the perceived size of any room that they are installed in, enriching the timbre of sound heard without compromising on depth and quality.
The same professional craftsmanship we put into all our products is evident on these premium panels which feature a real wood veneer. These panels will not only instantly enhance your room acoustically but aesthetically too.
Our panels feature a 45 degree chamfer allowing them to fit across corners where the combination of the panel and air gap will reduce the intensity of bass modes in your room.

  • Dimensions: 595x595x62mm
  • Dispersion function: 1D
  • Minimum listening distance:0.7m
  • Options: Real wood veneer available in Beech, Cherry & Walnut
  • Applications : Music Studios, Home Cinemas, Lecture Theatres,Offices, Podcast booths, Halls of worship, Listening rooms
  • Mounting : ATAC Spray Adhesive

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