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home cinemaWith a simple bit of stylish acoustic treatment in your lounge or audio visual room, you can significantly improve your audio visual experience. Sound waves bouncing off any flat surfaces and corners cause interference and "noise" to you the listener deteriorating the quality of sound you hear.  Modern minimalistic interiors further accentuate sound reflection, gone are the book shelves, picture frames, carpeted floors and cloth sofas all replaced by concrete plain walls, laminate floors blinds, glass furniture and leather seats. This combination of surfaces is the perfect environment for sound interference, excessive reflection, echoes and reverberation.

Improved acoustics in your living space is no longer the preserve of music enthusiasts but rather for any one looking to enjoy media content exactly as the artists intended it. We have been providing interior solutions to media enthusiasts  who want to ensure they improve indoor sound quality without compromising on the decor and elegance of their rooms.

Our Acoustiflex fabric covered panels provide a professional level of acoustic treatment for your home cinemas in three great colours of black, burgundy and grey.

Unlike other alternatives found in the market these panels use a core of Fibre glass which is upt two times denser than the fibre glass found in high street stores used in most common inferior alternatives. This industrial grade of fibreglass lends the extra punch these panels deliver to sort out your low ends and mids.

Look up our home made cinema packs which will contain everything you need to start enjoying your home cinema like never before!

Looking to build a home cinema? Then why not talk to us about our tailored 3D models of your space which we build from room plans measurements and pictures which help in computing accurate acoustic requirements as well as in identifying optimum acoustic panel placement. This will ensure your bring the big screen experience to your home.

school 250pxInterior acoustics plays a crucial role in class rooms and educational facilities where the transmission of the speech is required to occur with minimal distortion and loss. Class rooms that are poorly treated suffer from long reverberation times, flutter echoes and excessive reflections which impact on the audibility and clarity of the teacher’s voice whilst multiplying the noise level from students within the room.This environment impacts on the experience of the students in the classroom due to the degradation of the teacher’s voice when projected across the room. Teachers have to strain their voices to ensure they are able to communicate effectively with their students. This often leads to voice problems due to prolonged used of the voice and the need to shout to keep control.
Recent surveys in the UK and else where show that teachers form a disproportionate percentage of voice clinic patients.

As of 2003, Part E of the building Regulations which covers the requirements with respect to sound transmission has been widened to include schools within its scope.  This represents a significant tightening of the regulation of acoustic design in schools.   Acoustics design in schools can no longer be taken for granted by will now forma take a higher priority as it will be  subject to building  control approval procedures.
Our affordable high quality acoustic treatment solutions for schools enable schools comply with the building regulations during a period in which funds are constantly  under pressure.
The Department for Education revised the Building Bulletin 93 which provides guidance to architects, acousticians, building control officers and building services engineers through the process of the acoustic design of schools in the context of the various types of spaces and activities.

BB93 contains performance standards, acoustic principles, good design practice, calculation procedures, case studies on existing schools and an example submission to a Building Control Body.
BB93 aims to;
Provide a regulatory framework for the acoustics  of schools in  support of the building regulations
Give supporting advance advice and recommendations  for planning and design of schools.
Provide  a comprehensive  guidance to architect , acousticians,  building control  officers, building service engineers, clients  and others involved  in the
A copy of the BB93 can be found here
Speak to us today about our design and installation services available for educational facilities and hear the difference our superior acoustic treatment can have on the sound in your Sports halls, gymnasia swimming pools, Dinning areas, drama rooms,  corridors, entrance halls and stairwells.

hotel 250pxTreating business offices and venues with the right type of acoustic products can significantly improve the ambience and sound quality of your investment. Poorly designed buildings render otherwise useful office space as completely unusable whilst poor acoustics in restaurants and other lifestyle venues will compromise the privacy of your customers.

Untreated walls and ceiling in restaurants, salons and other business venues can create a nuisance to customers due to increased noise levels especially at peak times. Restaurants with poor acoustics feel less intimate and will compromise on the the privacy of your customers. Stylish acoustic panels, acoustic clouds and art décor can dramatically improve the ambience in such facilities improving the overall experience of customers.

With many offices now resorting to open plan seating arrangements noise levels in offices are on the rise. Increased levels are caused by flutter echoes and louder conversations of members of staff whilst going about their work. Loud spaces can be disruptive and impact on productivity of staff. Poorly designed buildings render otherwise useful office space as completely unusable. Lobbys, reception areas and meeting rooms provide the opportunity to make an impression on visitors and poor acoustics in these spaces can not only create an unprofessional impact but can lead to noise fatigue for clients and customers.

Our bespoke acoustic treatment can easily be retrospectively fitted into any existing space and is available in grey, white and other bespoke colours on request.

We also offer a full acoustic treatment design and installation service available across the UK. Please contact us to see how our service can help power up your sound.

Automotive test facilities

 Engine 250pxEngine tuning facilities can be a noisy affair. Whilst a sound proof building will help reduce the amount of sound escaping into adjacent rooms, poorly treated interiors result in excessive reflections and reverberation creating workspaces that are noisy, unbearable and do not look exciting.

Our Ultraflex range of acoustic treatment panels provide an answer to noisy test facility interiors, instantly reducing sound levels and creating professional and functional workplaces.
Pro-coustix ultraflex foam panels have steadily risen to become the choice panel for dyno cell operators right across the UK, looking to improve the sound quality in their testing facilities without compromising on performance, aesthetics and safety.
Ultraflex foam panels are made from an acoustic grade are available off the shelf in two standard sizes 300mm & 450mm and can easily be mounted to existing walls using our Atac heavy duty spray adhesive.


Vehicle Vibration & Rattle

Autoflex placement 250pxVibroflex Vibration Control Mats are super mass loaded composite mats made from elastomeric butyl with an aluminium constraining layer which fuses easily to metal and other substrates reducing the vibration of panels in two ways;

  • Firstly at 4Kg/m2 they add a significant amount of mass to the panel, this lowers the frequency at which panels resonate making it “harder” for panels to vibrate.
  • Secondly these panels absorb the energy generated by the vibration of panels to which they are attached converting it into heat reducing the significance of any residual panel vibration.

This dual action instantly stops your vehicle body ringing and rattling, eliminates road noice transmitted through the car structure as well as external noise.

The result is an vibration free enclosure which;

  • Is pleasant to drive in, giving an executive feel to any car treated
  • Enhances the music listening experience especially those powerful low end bass frequencies
  • Improves the efficiency of your audio equipment, this reduction of energy being lost due to panel resonance and vibration means your amps and subs will not be over working but will still deliver sound like never before.

shutterstock 114139822 hotelEffective noise management in restaurants and venues goes a long way in creating the right environment and ambience for your customers.

Today’s customer is a demanding customer and with access to a myriad of online channels for previewing and reviewing their experience in your restaurant you can not afford not to make the right first impression.

Older customers, business clients and those hard of hearing are quickly turned away by noisy facilities when looking for a dining venue as this erodes their sense of privacy and makes it difficult to have a decent conversation over a meal.

Modern, contemporary interior decor, whilst projecting a trendy upmarket image, lends itself poorly to good interior acoustics in restaurants. Sound from customer conversations and restaurant activity, bouncing off wooden floors, plain walls and polished surfaces, creates high levels of background noise from reflections and echoes resulting in an unpleasant and noisy environment.

A properly designed and installed sound control solution will instantly improve the acoustics in your venue, will create a sense of privacy and greatly improve the experience of your customers.

Our acoustic treatment solutions can be designed and retro fitted to either blend into your existing decor and remain virtually unobtrusive whilst delivering unparalleled sound absorption or can be used to complement the decor and accentuate the design features in your restaurant.

Talk today to us to see how our solutions can improve your acoustics and keep your customers coming back.

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