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Pro-coustix Ultraflex Pyramid Acoustic Treatment Panels

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Cut with the same precision our products are renowned for these panels are  perfect for treating studios, home cinemas, broadcasting suite and  listening rooms. Ultraflex pyramid tiles will kill flutter echoes, standing waves and used in conjunction with our bass traps will help instantly improve the quality of any audio content being produced in your studio.

We have optimised the number of pyramids to create a visually appealing tile that is just as deadly in deflecting upper mids and high frequencies. Effective absorption and dispersion of sound waves incident on this tile will help tame acoustics in any audio application. 

Pro-coustix Ultraflex foam is a purpose made acoustic treatment foam that has been designed to deliver great results and look great in your studio.

Unlike foam sold by matress manufacturers this special purpose acoustic foam has been selected for its great performance and has already become the most popular choice for professionals looking to treat their studios. 

We've used the same attention to design and foam selection that has made Pro-coustix a trusted brand by professionals.

Pro-coustix Ultraflex Foam

Pro-coustix Ultraflex foam has superior properties which has enabled it to earn the trust of professionals across the world. 

- Pro-coustix Ultraflex foam holds its structure and will not degrade as fast as inferior substitutes sold by mattress manufacturers

-Pro-coustix Ultraflex foam takes longer to start to oxidise and even when it does our studio grey colour means that it will discolour gracefully and not look unsightly in your studio unlike other foams.

- Pro-coustix Ultraflex foam has the shine and sparkle you’d expect of a high end foam without the associated price tag.

-Pro-coustix foam doesn’t have blow holes. These features found in cheaper foams especially those sold by mattress manufacturers are not only unsightly but are an indication of foam that hasn’t been formed uniformly affecting the porosity of  the foam.

Technical Specifications

Panel size    300mm x 300mm x 45mm

Pyramid profile on a 15mm base with a 30mm Rise

NRC 0.75
Coverage    1 pack covers 23.23 ft2 or 2.16M2
Polymer type    Open cell polyether
Density    25Kg/M3
Colour    Studio Grey
Temperature resistance    -30 to + 110 degrees Celsius
Fire resistance    BS4735, UL94-HF1
Self extinguishing FMVSS 302
Max extent burn 60mm

Contact us

+44 1442 899 294
Unit 8 Boxted Farm
Hemel Hemsptead
Pro-coustix is a registered trademark of Hyped up acoustics ltd registered in England and Wales No. 07808785 VAT Reg No. 144724318

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