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Pro-coustix Acoustiflex Fibreglass Echo Tiles Grey

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Scatter tiles all colours


 Acoustiflex Wall & Ceiling Echo Tiles 

Acoustiflex Echo Tiles are the perfect complement to our bass traps and wall panels and offer spot treatment of upper mid and high frequencies in music studios, listening rooms, home cinemas and offices instantly reducing of echoes and reverberation where installed. 

Our white echo tiles can easily be retro fitted onto any ceiling where they will unobtrusively blend into your existing decor. These tiles are small enough to slot into existing 600x600mm suspended ceiling grids allowing you to instantly reduce the brightness and perceived noise levels of any office or commercial venue.

Made with the same precision, materials and finishing as the bass traps and wall panels the tiles are a great addition to any room where clarity of vocal audio transmission is important and can be mounted up using our ATAC heavy duty spray adhesive.

Dimensions: 595x595x25mm

Options: Black, studio red and stone grey as well as a number of other colours and class 0 available on request subject to minimum order quantities.

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